Whether you have horses in your life for riding or for companionship, you want them to live their best lives with the greatest possible health over time.

Between athletic activity and the stresses of everyday life, the horse’s body can struggle to maintain healthy microcirculation. As you know, their bodies require movement and huge amounts of blood flow to be their best. So, reduced blood flow can have a significant impact on your horse’s health and wellbeing, affecting its immune function, stress levels, and physical performance. You do so much for your horse already. You take care of its daily needs, provide routine and preventative health care, and ensure your horse gets physical, mental and emotional enrichment.

As an Independent BEMER Distributor, I want to share with you how improving your horse’s microcirculation can lead to a long list of health-transforming benefits.

Based on twenty years of research and collaboration with top scientists and professional riders, BEMER uses a patented signal specifically designed for the horse’s physiology. A 5-15 minute BEMER session gives your horse increased blood flow and white blood cell transport, optimizing its body functions in a number of ways:

  • Improving microcirculation and vasomotion
  • Promoting relaxation and regeneration after exercise
  • Supporting parasympathetic processes in the body
  • Increasing physical performance and optimizing suppleness
  • Speeding up the recovery process after an injury
  • Improving post-recovery and regeneration after surgery

Scientifically proven to:

  • reduce muscular back pain in horses*
  • improve postural control in horses*
  • improve spinal flexibility in horses*
  • improve functional movement in horses* 

The Horse-Set comes with an easily adjustable Blanket that fits both large horses and small ponies and everything in between. It also comes with a pair of Cuffs to focus the BEMER signal on your horse’s legs or any areas of additional concern, like with intense strain or injury. Each applicator is wireless for ease of use, breathable, washable, and lightweight so as not to disturb your horse during sessions.

Owners and veterinarians alike trust the BEMER Horse-Set to support the horse’s health and wellness and live their best lives! And now you can too!

If you’d like to learn more about how to take your horse’s health and wellness to the next level, visit my Independent BEMER Distributor website:

BEMER for Horses BEMER for Humans

The BEMER Horse-Set does not replace treatment and care of an injury or disease by a veterinarian. A veterinarian should be consulted prior to use of the BEMER Horse-Set for any medical condition.

*King, M., Seabaugh, K., Frisbie, D. (2022). Effects of a Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation Blanket on Thoracolumbar Epaxial Muscle Pain in Horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. doi.