Daisy has been a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, moderator, and given live demonstrations at many international conferences and diverse educational venues.

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“I feel passionate about sharing ideas and information with anyone who wants to learn about the horse's hoof and integration into whole horse health and wellness.”


Some of the venues where Daisy has presented:

  • International Hoof Care Summit, OH
  • Laminitis and Diseases of the Foot Conference, FL
  • UC Davis: Annual Humpheries Memorial Lecture, CA
  • Cornell University Farrier Conference, NY
  • Auburn University Podiatry Elective, AL
  • Liphook Equine Hospital, UK
  • No Laminitis Conference, TX
  • Mountain Region Endurance Riders Convention, CO
  • Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy, Victoria AUS
  • Lagos Polo Club, Nigeria
  • Briar Creek Farm, VA

Some of Daisy's favorite topics to share:

  • Recognizing Hoof Distortions
  • Reading Radiographs for the Farrier
  • Laminitis Rehabilitation
  • Glue-on Composite Shoeing
  • Building Effective Hoof Care Teams
  • Business and Customer Management for Hoof Care Businesses
  • Using Maggot Debridement Therapy with Hoof Infections
  • Leverage Management for Hoof Pathology