Horse-Side Guide: A Foundation Hoofcare Handbook Companion

$89.00 - $129.00

30-pages of easy-to-use, quick reference information to take to the horse:

  • Assessment of the Hoof and Horse
  • Reading Hoof Radiographs
  • Trimming Strategies like Heel Slippering and Realignment Decisions
  • Reading Hoof Radiographs for the Hoofcare Provider
  • Distal Limb Anatomy
  • The Six Hoof Types with Examples
  • Assessing Rotational Deformities...and much more!

Printed on never-tear, waterproof 'paper', spiral bound at the top edge for ease of viewing as it can be laid flat or propped upright.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • The Pocket Size Horse-Side Guide (approx. 5"x7"): compact yet packed full of easy to read content. $89 plus shipping.
  • The Portfolio Size Horse-Side Guide (approx. 8"x10"): larger version for ease of sharing yet still very portable. $129 plus shipping